domaine de bourgville
   chambres d'hôtes



A warm welcome

Turquoise blue skies, fields of sunflowers and glorious amber sunsets; the scents of jasmin, rose & lavender fill the air. Relax to the sounds of bird song. Soak up the sun, snooze & snack. Stay for dinner; fresh white fragrant wines, succulent red tomatoes, luscious strawberries and local melons picked that day. Velvet night skies glistening with endless stars..

Summer ends, leaves turn golden. Crisp autumn days spent foraging for mushrooms, a wealth of winter grub, deep glossy red wines. Sink into comfy chairs, reading, relaxing, taking time out. Fires are stocked, cakes are baked.

We take stock until the summer arrives once more.

The guest house

Passionate about architecture we purchased this beautiful 17th century manor house 'Gentilhommière' and are slowly restoring this fine romantic building.

The rooms of the chambre d'hôte are to be found in the former stables which have been converted to give four rooms, each with en-suite bathrooms.

It is set in 5 acres with beautiful uninterupted views to the countryside.

Four Yew trees with their ancient boughs touching the earth form a square in the park, giving shade and a place for children to hide.

There is nothing to disturb the view but fields of sunflowers, barley or wheat accross to the ancient forest beyond.

Find a shady place to sit or a hammock to laze in. Read a book, sunbathe or take a stroll in the country. Walk to 'Le Ligne Vert' a converted railway track where you can walk in tranquility. Or borrow a bike and cycle along the quiet country lanes amongst the fields and spot wild deer grazing.

Take the steps up onto the terrace filled with flowers, admire the view to the fields beyond..enter the house..find your room..relax in the salon or take tea on the terrace, enjoy the relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.

L'abbaye de Fontevraud

Art and history and cuisine.

This region, steeped in history.. from the invasion in 56 Charles Martel's victory over the invasion of the Muslims at the Battle of Poitiers in 732.. through to the history surrounding the control of this regon in 1152 by the English and to the marriage of Eleanor de Aquitaine to Henry II.. Joan of Arc's journey to Chinon to consult with the king to rally the troops against the English and to the story of the Arcadian populations of North America (this is believed to be the region of origin). The stories unfold and are waiting to be discovered.

Today the peace and tranquility of this beautiful region, belies its turbulant past. For lovers of history, there are many Châteaux, Abbeys and small churches that reflect times past.

For lovers of wine, follow the wine trails and discover the small vineyards that produce the excellant wines of the Haut-Poitou, Saumur Champigny, Chinon and Bourgeuil. Taste the local goats cheese 'Le chabichou', a speciality of the region.

There is so much to see and discover.

But if you want to relax in the peace and quiet of the countryside, this is just the place to be.


Places to visit:

  • Chinon
  • Richelieu
  • Fontevraud abbey
  • Villandry
  • Azay-le Rideau
  • Château de Oiron
  • Château de Rivaux
  • Futuroscope






To find us, Domaine de Bourgville is located in the small village of Monts-sur-Guesnes, 15kms south of Loudun (remember the film The Devils?). We are just a short walk to the village, which has a bar/restaurant, a great boulangerie & other small essentiel shops. The 15th century Château houses the 'Marie' and the tourist office (internet access). The sympathetique restoration of this building deserves a visit alone.

A bit of history

Bourgville, was built originally on the site of a medieval fortress, it then became a fortified farmhouse & is now a 17th century 'Gentilhommière'
Once owned by the Marquis de Persan, the house was sold in 1791 to a middle class Parisian Jean Pierre Gravier who was then secretary to King Louis XVI. Unfortunately he was mistaken for an aristocrat & the poor man along with his two daughters, were guillotined on the 16th may 1794.

They were posthumously pardoned.

Ten generations of his family have lived here since 1791, until we purchased the house in 2005.